Driver Education October 2017

Drivers Education, October 21, 2017 – “Little Talladega” Raceway

Many thanks to Rick Brooksbank and all the instructors and crew that helped run this show. We took over the Talladega Grand Prix Speedway Saturday, and had a great turnout: 14 Novices, five Intermediates,  and four Advanced drivers. The instructors worked well with our Novices, teaching “smoothness brings speed”, and even the weather turned out for us. We had three sessions for each class, and even the instructors got to run their cars.

This great 1.4-mile track offered a great way to really get to know our Porsches! It has lots of runoff and is very safe with nice facilities, and is challenging and instructive course. We had great fun, good camaraderie, and enjoyed scenic drives there and back in spite of all the “fun” interstate travel can be.

Check out the pix, and plan on coming out for our next one, and our upcoming autocross at Dollywood on Sunday, November 5th.

Also, John Kernodle, an automotive photographer, was there, so if you want some great pix, check out his website:
(as of press time, his photos were not up yet, so give him a chance to process).

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