A PCA Event Without Rain!

By Vic Rola

Whooda thunk! Finally an event without rain. We haven’t had one of those lately. The re-make of the Spring Thing autocross took place at Pellissippi State Community College, on Saturday, 06.08.13. The day was cool and overcast, but turned sunny and warm, as we brought the event to a close at about 1:00PM. The site used offers the designers multi-challenges, but Clyde Peery, Rick Berry, Rick Brooksbank, and I put together a quick, and flowing course. Our timing equipment worked the entire event without fail, and volunteers from all sides helped in course set-up, course management, chased cones, and helped in a quick clean-up.

A really great event. On the way home, after having lunch with everyone at Doodles BBQ,Carol remarked, “You know… todays’ event reminded me of what the autocrosses were like in the old days…”

She was right.

Driver Car Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6
Ashworth, Terry 09 911 Turbo 59.08 56.43 54.59 54.4 53.83 53.91
Baker, Newsom 95 911 57.5 DNF 54.26 54.35 55.14 53.85
Beltz, Buzz 08 Boxster DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF
Berry, Janis 01 911 80.79 59.26 58.03 57.15 56.45 55.83
Berry, Rick 01 911 55.63 55.58 54.57 55.41 56.44 53.68
Bowman, Suzan Cayenne DNF 63.42 DNF DNS DNS DNS
Brooksbank, Rick 05 Boxster S 59.9 57.43 58.41 57.18 57.26 56.64
Brown, George 07 Boxster 69.26 DNF DNF 65.43 63.65 61.87
Disney, Ron 05 Boxster 69.46 DNF DNF 57.08 55.93 55.42
Foulds, Jonathan 95 911 53.06 53.48 52.81 52.45 52.86 52.01
Gard, Larry 98 Boxster 69.22 65.86 65.17 65.9 64.59 64.2
Garrett, Matt 13 911TT 51.83
Groves, Sue 10 911S 70.19 69.05 DNF DNF 76.71 74.02
Hutchins, Bob Cayenne DNF 96.02 DNF DNF 78.27 76.75
Peery, Clyde 79 911SC 64.31 DNF 62.3 59.02 58.88 57.93
Ramsey, Tim 87 911 63.51 61.24 59.57 59.1 60.76 59.98
Rola, Carol 71 911E 66.71 63.78 60.72 61.13 60.21 59.82
Rola, Vic 72 911E 57.13 55.71 55.65 54.94 DNS DNS
Wilson, Tommy 88 924S 59.07 58.74 58.09 59.4 58.15 DNS

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Spring Thing Concours Results 2013

Spring Thing was, in a word, wet.

The Concours was held in the parking lot with judging done under the veranda. As one car was being judged, the next-in-line Porsche was being prepped.

Judges Choice: Jim and Suki Cambron – 1996 Silver 993
Peoples Choice: Vic and Carol Rola – 1972 911E

Car # Name Total   Class Car
8 Terry Johnson 233.7 1 2007 Cayman* First Place
10 Michael Kennedy 231.4 1 2003 Boxster* First Place
34 Ron Disney 230.7 1 2005 Boxster*
15 Nick Imperato 230.2 1 2007 Boxster*
25 Bob Southerland 229.3 1 2006 997 First Place
27 Bill Blacklock 225.8 1 2007 911 C 4 S
20 Jerry Thompson 228.3 2 1997 911 C 4 S First Place
1 Jim Cambron 227.9 2 1996 993
31 Dale Biehler 227.9 2 1994 968 First Place
7 Vic Rola 231 3 1972 911E First Place
17 Rich Neubaurer 213.5 3 1982 911
3 Greg Gratkowski 226.4 3 1986 928S First Place
5 Tommy Wilson 219.4 3 1988 924S First Place

*Due to weather, engine area was not judged


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The Promise of Rain…

A Report on the Regions Overnight Drive-Out, by Vic Rola

First of all, let me tell you who showed up on a quite damp Saturday morning at the I-40 rest area, just east of exit 417. Adam + Carrie Bolling; Debbie Cooper + Bob Berry; Clyde + Katherine Peery; Bob + Sue Southerland; Bob + Cathy Hutchins; Rick + Janis Berry; Ron + Teresa Disney; Sue Groves + Loretta Roney; Bob + Jyme Heimann; Nick + Pat Imperato; Richard + Carol Neubauer; and Carol + I.

I had hoped that the promise of rain would not keep our crowd of twelve cars from shrinking. The crowd did not disappoint. The final arrivals were Bob + Debbie, and after a safety meeting, we headed to Marion, VA. Our first stop was the rest area on the VA line, where we took a ‘pause for the cause’. We continued on to Marion, arriving at the General Francis Marion Inn at 1130AM. The Inn allowed early check-in, which was followed at 1200 by lunch.

Once checked-in, and lunched-up, we headed to the highway named by the Commonwealth of Virginia, as the Back of the Dragon. Highway 16, comes through Marion, toward Tazewell, VA. Thirty-two miles of twisties, switch backs, and elevation changes. We lucked out, in reality with the damp weather, as it kept bikers (and probably other car clubs) from running the Back. We actually did not see a single group of riders, although we spotted members of the BMWCCA out for an outing. The Back was less damp, and about 2/3 of the way through, the roads were actually dry! We mozied around Tazewell for about 45 minutes, and got on the Back, heading for Marion. The roads had dried even more, allowing for a more spirited drive back to the hotel.

The Inn opened their bar early for us, and we engaged their bar maids for over ninety minutes, until our banquet room was ready at 6:00PM. The food served was great, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Then…back to the Black Rooster bar. The socializing was just super, and the other bar patrons wanted to join in…and join in they did!

Sunday morning presented itself dry and partly sunny. Due to previous commitments different members of the drive departed on their own, or kept on I.81, as we veered off to travel through Damascus, Elizabethton, Erwin, and Greeneville. We stopped on several occasions to take a break, and concluded the drive at the rest area on I.81 south, at the two mile marker. Good byes were offered, and the remaining attendees headed home individually.

A very successful over-night drive. The first one in many years. We’ll have to do this again!!!

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Great Porsche Show Off 2013

Held on February 23, the day started out wet but the rain held off for the duration of the show. Around 50 Porsches showed up throughout the event which was a better showing than last year’s Show Off. Models from 356 to the newest Boxster were represented and a wayward Ferrari even found its way to the gathering.

Below are pictures from the Great Porsche Show Off.

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Happy New Year to SMTPCA Members

2012 has come and gone and my first year of maintaining the Smoky Mountain Region’s web site is now history. If you enjoyed some of the changes I made this past year, just wait til you see what I have planned for this upcoming year!

Whether you like it or not, social networking is here to stay – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking sites are booming. Blogs are a convenient way to publicize a web site and to help gain followers. With that in mind, I am in the process of converting the Smoky Mountain Region web site to one of the most popular blogging systems used today – WordPress. Blog posts from this site will be automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter pages I will be setting up. If you have Facebook and Twitter accounts,  you will be able to link and “tweet” the articles to your pages which will be seen by your friends. Some of them will link as well and… that is what they call “viral networking”. My hope is that we not only gain more visits to this web site but that we also get more people interested in Porsche and joining the PCA! So go ahead and click LIKE there on the right. Continue reading

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