Turkeys In The Trunk 2017

Turkeys In The Trunk – November 18, 2017

We never forget how fortunate we all are to be able to drive the cars we do, and we took this opportunity to help those less fortunate. On Saturday, November 18, 2017 we held our first annual “Turkeys in the Trunk” charity event, supporting both the Salvation Army and the Knox Area Rescue Ministries in their effort to collect food for the Thanksgiving season.

Members stuffed turkeys and other non-perishable Thanksgiving type food items in the trunk (or trunks for Boxster and Cayman drivers), passenger seat, floor boards or wherever there is space inside a Porsche. We drove to our stuffed Porsche to Harper’s storage/detail building about lunchtime and had a weigh-in. (Side note: careful with the speed bumps, that food does lower the car a bit)

The members who brought the most food won some really nice prizes donated by Harpers. We had a lot cash donated, too, but alas that did not fair well at weigh-in (but thanks nevertheless!).

The competition had some guidelines. First, the food has to be loaded in a Porsche. Secondly, we will have separate 2-door and 4-door categories for the heavyweight competition. And the winners were…
* Harry and Teresa in the 4-door class
* Rich and Wendy in the 2-door class
Congrats to the winners, thanks to all who participated, and many, many Thanks to Bob and Penne for putting this together. Final tally was a ton (literally) of food, and $700!!

And of course, it would not be a PCA event without food and good times, so we had an informal lunch after the event at the Parkside Grill just down the street.

This will definitely be an event in The Rotation! And we even made the news!!

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