Drive Out Murphy NC 2017

Drive Out to Murphy, NC, & Tail of the Dragon, 2017

Vaughn & Louise arranged another outstanding drive out, but broke his perfect record by not having any rain this time (YEA!). Mark and Bonnie had us up for dinner at their mountain cabin just outside of Murphy, and we all “potlucked” it for some fine victuals. Many thanks to Vaughn & Louise and Mark & Bonnie for making this happen.

After retiring for the evening, and a rousing breakfast of Waffle Omelette Sammiches, we took a scenic route to Fontana Dam, then to Tapoco Lodge for lunch. For dessert, we hit The Dragon on the way home, with two of us relinquishing our Porsches to our brides. They did an outstanding job, inflicting a little revenge… “Oh, who wants that Five Point Harness now? MuHAHAHA!”

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